Friday, May 20, 2011

Random thoughts

:: Tulips from the garden ::
:: Tulipes du jardin ::

:: First Lemon balm lemonade of the year and more transplanting ::
:: Première limonade à la mélisse de l'année et encore des transplantations ::

:: Homemade raw pecan butter: amazing. Soak pecans for 8 hours, dehydrate for 8 more at 115 F and run through a Champion juicer with blank plate. Enjoy (keep refrigerated) ::
:: Beurre de pacanes cru maison : délicieux. Tremper les pacanes 8 heures, déshydrater 8 autres à 115 F et passer dans un Champion avec la tuile complète. Déguster (conserver au frigo) ::

:: Anthroposophi remedies for Mara. We are blessed to be working with Dr Philip Incao, that practices in Colorado, USA. I could not help but raise an eyebrow when I read the label of one of the bottles: the Aquavit Etheric Energizer! So Waldorfy! ::

:: Remèdes anthroposophiques pour Mara. Nous sommes choyés de travailler avec le Dr Philip Incao, qui pratique au Colorado, aux É.-U. Je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de sourciller quand j'ai lu l'étiquette d'une des bouteilles : Aquavit énergiseur du corps éthérique! Tellement Waldorf! ::

:: Mathilde's natural crafts ::
:: Bricolages naturels de Mathilde ::

:: A delicious addition to our beloved coco-chia snowballs: fresh raspberries ::
:: Un délicieux ajout à nos boules coco-chia adorées : des framboises fraîches ::


Francesca said...

I love that kitchen gadget, and raw pecan butter sounds delicious. You know, I've never had peacans!

Catherine said...

Really, Francesca? There's no pecans in Italy?

Penny said...

Those snowballs look a lot more friendly than the winter kind - - I've seen enough of those for quite awhile!

Elizabeth said...

I can read this post!!! I am so excited. I am going to read the next one too.
Thanks for translating. I was so upset when I found you and then realized I was missing out on your posts due to a language barrier.
Peace and Raw Health,

Catherine said...

I usually translate when it is a short post, but I realize that forcing myself to translate everything kept me from posting longer thougths... Also, you can use the translation widget on the right for the French post. It doesn't work all the time (don't ask me why...), but it does most times.

Lindsay said...

Wow, I have got to try making raw pecan butter. You made my mouth water! Looks delicious :)

saraelise said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I am so interested to hear how Mara does with her Anthroposophical remedies as I have been doing research for my son Oscar's autoimmune issues. And yes, that does sound pretty darn Waldorfy! :)