Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sea kayaking on turquoise waters

*Sorry for the distortion, those are GoPro photos (there was no way I was bringing my Nikon D90 with me on the kayak!).
**I have about a 5 days delay on our itinerary compared to the blog (we are currently in the Miami area) because I was waiting for JF to be done with the video below, where you can see us kayak in the Keys, enjoy the beautiful beaches, catch beads at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, hold baby gators and laugh at my scared to death self fighting imaginary venonimous snakes in the algea-filled clear blue water of Manatee Springs State Park!

Wow! That was an amazing sea kayak outing! The Keys have treated us very well. Sunny weather every day, warm turquoise water, flying fish schools (you can actually hear their wings flapping!), sting ray spotting and dolphin jumping spotting for Mara and JF...

I love the weather here, it's not too hot like Costa Rica and the nights are cool enough for a duvet. I really see why people love it here... If it wouldn't be for the damn no-see-ums (aka as devil flies, biting midges, sand flies or freaking-tiny-black-flies-that-get-through-the-tiniest-screen...). I have lived in Canada (among which 5 years in the Yukon) and was happy and relieved with my homeopathic SSSStingStop, but those tiny devils got me running to the nearest Walgreen and buy a big bottle of Caladryl (they now make some clear one, so you don't look like you did a bad paint touch up job all over yourself. How nice!). As soon as I opened it, 10 years of chilhood camping memories instantly came back to mind!! Ah, the power of smell!

The Keys were the perfect setting to watch the movie Nim's Island together (with Jodie Foster). We all loved it!


Joanna said...

WAWWW génial le vidéo!!! j'ai quasiment chaud en le regardant... et dire qu'ils annoncent une dernière tempête de 25 cm de neige demain... 3 jours avant le "printemps".
chanceux que vous êtes.
faites un bec à la mer pr nous, on a bien hâte de la retrouver.

Francesca said...

love the underwater footage, and the end!

Catherine said...

Oui, on est chanceux, c'est vrai!

Francesca, thanks! It was super fun to shoot!