Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kite flying and Cormorant rescuing

What an adventure we had today at the beach! A cormorant was hanging very close to shore in the tides when we noticed a huge bulge on his neck and something sticking out of his beak. The poor thing was choking on something, he was collapsing in the waves and needed help badly. We thought it was a piece of plastic at first and tried to approach him to help him. We were with our friends' kids and we were all talking very gently to him and he finally let us close. My friend held him while I pet him for a few seconds to reassure him. He was looking straight at me. Then he let me open his big beak and I pulled and pulled on the slippery tail of the fish and finally, it came out of his throat. The bird gave me one last glance and flew away, finally freed! The kids were ecstatic and so were we! Wow!
Mr. Fish quickly became a biology class (and subject to all sorts of pirate torture). Of course, it was long dead in the Cormorant's throat (and then *very dead* after more "exploration" as 5 yo Anick said)...

And we all bursted out laughing when Mathilde said, once we suggested it was time to go back to our campsites to make dinner: Oh no! We're just about to find the intestines!

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I don't know how I found your page but your photos are really nice.

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