Monday, April 22, 2013

Savannah, Georgia

We really, really liked Savannah! It is an old historic town where there was lots of cotton exchange in the old days. We were charmed by its cobblestone streets and oak-shaded parks drizzling with silvery Spanish Moss.

We went to an art coop where an artist showed us around and invited us to touch the pieces (instead of telling us NOT to touch as it is usually the case in art stores). It was such a warm and welcome change!
It was warm on that day. Really warm and heavy. A storm came that night and cleared the air and it felt really good. But at that very moment, we all had enough of the humidity...
There are tons of beautiful squares like that in Savannah. It is one of these (Chippewa Square), that the famous bus bench scene from the movie Forrest Gump has been shot.
I love what the Lonely Planet has to say about Savannah:

Like a Southern belle with a split personality, this grand historic town revolves around formal antebellum architecture and unbridled public debauchery. It sits alongside the Savannah River, about 18 miles from the coast, amid Lowcountry swamps and mammoth live oak trees dripping with Spanish moss. With its gorgeous mansions, cotton warehouses and Colonial public buildings, Savannah preserves its past with pride, grace and a slight smirk. Unlike its sister city of Charleston, SC, which retains its reputation as a dignified and refined cultural center, Savannah revels in being the bad girl – the town has been described as ‘a beautiful lady with a dirty face,’ and in some ways it resembles a pint-sized New Orleans. Savannah loves its sinful pleasures, be they cheese grits, cocktails, or the bump and grind of partying local students.


Heather Booth said...

Monty and I had a couples get away about five years ago to Savannah and it is one of our most favorite places. Such a beautiful city.

lored said...

Je ne connaissais pas du tout cette ville et je trouve énormément de charme aux lieux pris en photo !