Friday, April 5, 2013

When a travel blog goes quiet...

When a travel blog goes quiet for a little longer than usual, you can guess that one of the following is happening, the blogger:
  • is traveling to a remote area.
  • has an overload of work.
  • is meeting with other traveling families or is having a great time with friends (and is too busy to blog).
  • has bad Internet connexion.
As life usually has it, it is often a combination of the above, more precisely:
  1. a combination of work overload and bad Internet connexion; or
  2. a combination of work overload and meeting with friends.
This week was a combo #2 for us, but we made the best out of it.

A first soak in the Atlantic ocean for our Yukon friends. A boogie board date. Sand castles washed by the tide. 

Dirty feet. Very dirty kids. Late night camping showers, two by two, and very tired kids.

Some slacklining. Lots of crab play. A giant snail. 

My very first smores. Their first marshmallows. Sticky hair.

A good cry in a great friend’s car (there’s no safer place)

Hysterical laughs in a thrift store dressing room because of a very sexy dress…

A stroll with my friend on the sea shore in the dark when the rain stopped. Chai tea. Giggles and open heart. The perfect raincheck for my birthday.

A fairy garden. Egg-shaped chewing gum. Card games, knitting and movie nights.

Ice cream cones with candles for 3 little girls born on the same day who will be 9 and 4 soon.

Shared dishwashing, shared laudry washing, shared meals, shared life, shared laughs… Oh! It was so good.


Stephanie said...

Je t'aime xxxx

Catherine said...

T'es fine!xx

I. said...

bon anniversaire alors! et les smores, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

Penny said...

Happiest of birthdays to one and all - even the ones who aren't having birthdays! :)

L'équipe J'OSE la vie ! said...

Bon anniversaire... en retard (mais je crois que mes voeux sont arrivés à temps sur fb).

Tout plein de smores... encore et encore !



Bali Hotels said...
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Francesca said...

sounds like a very good time, and so many happy celebrations to share with friends!
question, did you get the sexy dress? :)

Catherine said...

Merci pour les bons voeux les amies!

Thanks for the wishes!

The dress was for my friend, Francesca, and no, she did not get it, it was *really* sexy, especially for camping!!

Anonymous said...

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