Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ocracoke Island/Cape Hatteras

She stayed in her pj on the ferry. We met with a nice couple from Quebec. I tried to play cards with the girls but had to stop and go sit outside and look at the horizon. An older man was snoozing beside me. When he woke up, he told me the most fascintating travel stories. His publishing company in Phuket. A life-threatening virus in Africa and the jungle doctor with his suitcase full of vials like in the movies. Almost summitting Mt. Whitney, but having to turn back because a young guy had a deadly fall beside him. The hut in Tahiti with the hole in the floor with stairs that led directly in the water for snorkeling. The Tico diving equipment that could have killed him Costa Rica. The flight into Lukla from Kathmandu the day after a group of German crashed while landing... Never underestimate the snoring old man on a boat deck. He might have some fascinating stories in store. And that might just be the cure for your sea sickness.

The lighthouse looked like a huge barber pole in the rain, waiting for clients to show up.
The campground on Ocracoke Island was spectacular and wild, just beside the dunes. We shared a meal with our new friends, Francine and Paul. We shared our stories. The upcoming storm chased us inside, but the crashing waves lulled us to sleep.

We went to the Wright Brothers National Monument. They ran the distance of the first controlled flight in Kill Devil Hills, on the actual runway where it happened. Seeing how Orville and Wilbur made their plane with an old sewing machine and wood pieces was an incredible lesson. The fact that they took turn lying on their bellies to fly it also made quite an impression on them. A story they will remember very differently than if they had read it from a book...

 Searching the shores for polished shell pieces. Searching our souls for the next steps, the next stepping stones. They are finding us, just like the treasure on the wild coast of the outer banks...


Stephanie said...

Wow! Vous etes a Cape Hatteras! Ca semble que vous avez l'endroit a vous. C'est ca que je trouvais merveilleux, c'est encore sauvage! Les petits crabes bondissent quand tu creuse n'importe ou. Ca nous faisons sursauter.

Oh! Que j'aimerais etre ou vous etes!
Bonne randonnee!! xxx

Catherine said...

Oui, Stephanie, c'est tellement beau! Et il n'y avait presque personne effectivement! On a vraiment adoré ce coin de pays! J'adore cet mer sauvage et ses dunes!

Honey Youngblood said...

You mentioned in a past post something that I've noticed with homeschooling, too--how so often we have the most magical, amazing places all to ourselves since most everyone else is at work or school! Seems like this may have been a day like that for you all.

Joanna said...

I wish you to find all your answers when you are searching your souls for the next steps.
whatever the direction it will take, i will be so happy to follow your adventures, be they close or far, and i truly hope i will have the opportunity to walk the paths with you guys for a couple of days or weeks eventually.
take care!