Friday, June 21, 2013

Inspiring friends

My friend Joanna, who is in the midst of a move to Val-David, where they will be building a new house for themselves in the forest, took the time to come and see us. She drove alone with her 2 month old Jacob and 4 year old. This woman is fearless! I am realizing lately how I am surrounded by such strong and fierce women. I am so inspired by them!

 :: I decided to keep the Lego in my grandma's old suitcase instead of a Rubbermaid bin. That makes me like Legos a little bit more... ::

I love to cook beautiful mostly raw vegan food for Joanna because she always truly enjoys and appreciates it! And Matteo is such an open and easy eater too. It was so awesome to see him help himself to a second piece of the Thrive recipe book raw pizza that I had at Martine and Andy's in Rossland and that I could not wait to make again!

I also made raw ice cream cones for the kids (with banana fruit leathers that I shape over plastic glasses and dehydrated again until they were crispy, although this time, they weren't because I started them too late... but they were still a hit), filled with raw banana-cherry-blueberry Champion ice cream topped with raw chocolate crunch (soaked and dehydrated, then coated with melted coconut oil, cacao powder and honey and dehydrated again). Yummy!

 :: The lovely Jacob ::


lored said...

Oh, il est tellement mignon Jacob :) Et quel regard profond...
Tu me donne définitivement envie de me pencher sur l'alimentation crue... ces cornets de glaces ont l'air terriblement gouteux, je salive rien qu'en lisant la description, miam !
Belles photos, toujours...

Joanna said...

WAWWWW mais je suis officiellement rendue une star grâce à ton blog :O)
y a des milliers de gens qui le lisent !!! ca me fait tout drôle de voir la frimousse de mes cocos sur un autre blog que le mien.
merci ma chère amie! c'est tjrs un si grand bonheur de venir vous voir, et déguster ta fine cuisine qui me semble tellement exotique car moi je suis nulle en cuisine. et puis de vous voir, de jaser et jaser avec toi.
vous viendrez nous voir hein à val david :O) !
gros becs

Marianne said...

OUI Joanna est vraiment une femme très inspirante et fonceuse!! Et en plus, c'est grâce à elle que je te connais! ; )

lored said...

Idem que Marianne, c'est grâce au blog de Joanna que je te connais :)