Thursday, June 13, 2013

My people

You left beautiful comments on my last posts and it really touched my heart. A friend who just had a baby talked about transition during birth, when one feels on the verge of vertigo and looses ones point of reference. As tremendously sharp and intense as this transition phase is, it doesn't usually last, as long as one doesn't fear it or push it away. Through the pain, one needs to welcome it, loses ones footing and surrender to better move on to the next phase.

I am already moving into that next phase, getting acquainted with the pleasures of daily sedentary life. I am finding my feet again. And spending wonderful moments with dear friends and family members is making me feel at home. It is grounding me. My people.

  :: The adorable Laurel, our godson (he is the third child of our dear friends Steph and JF). And yes, beet lipstick (next photo), the best invention by crunchy mamas! ::


Penny said...

Your people are beautiful.

So are those scones.

In different ways, of course (grin).

Glad you are finding your way, hope it's all good from here on out!

Marianne said...

Je ne doute pas que vous en sortirez tous grandis et mieux outillés pour la suite, quelle qu'elle soit...
x x