Wednesday, November 27, 2013


One of my dear friends turned 40 this weekend. For her 30th birthday, we were together in her lovely Yukon cabin without running water and electricity. We had many wonderful moments there, rubbing our pregnant bellies by the woodstove, celebrating the full moons with friends in her sauna by the lake, after amazing potlucks... All those memories came up as I started looking at old photos of that time and I decided to create a photo album of our last ten years together as a gift (some black and white photos from that album at the bottom of the post).

For her 40th birthday, there was delicious food, great friends, some singing and music. It was simple and touching, raw and real, like her. As I get older, I realize even more how long time friends are precious gifts...

Our first hike together in Kluane National Park
 Outside their little cabin in the Yukon (photo above: preparing her 30th birthday brunch in that same cabin)
Steph holding Mara
Camping in Dyea, Alaska
A few days after Adélie's birth

 Our girls playing together (clockwise: Aïsha, Mara, Adélie and Gabrielle, the daughter of some of our dear Yukon friend Leslie)
  Easter in Atlin, BC
Solstice celebration at our place in the Yukon, a few days before Steph, JF and Adélie left in their Westfalia to move back to Québec (2 years before us)
 Steph and Maël at our little homestead in Quebec, helping us prepare a permaculture garden bed.


Joanna said...

Magnifique cadeau mon amie!!! ton amie elle vit tjrs au québec?
sont trop cutes les jumelles bébés au solsitce!!
au fait, je pensais peut être faire un livre photo imprimé comme celui de votre voyage, pr la construction de notre maison comme cadeau de noel pr mon chum. c'est quoi les deux sites les meilleurs dont tu me parlais?

Marianne said...

Tellement un beau cadeau! La photo d'elle avec Adélie bébé... WOW!

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

Beautiful photos! Very moving!

Stephanie said...

What beautiful pictures Cat, the simplicity of living in the Yukon must have been just marvelous. And the twins as babies, so precious. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your past, I surely enjoyed it! xxx

Francesca said...

what a beautiful thought and present!
we have friends who date from way back, and now to see see our almost adult kids, and think of all the times spent together as our families grew, is both sweet and a little shocking.

Momzie said...

Que de beaux souvenirs ces photos du Yukon chez Steph et JF. Une page d'histoire de vie.