Friday, November 1, 2013

Pumpkin hunt, 2013 edition

When I woke up yesterday morning, I couldn't help but think of our last Halloween, in Arches National Park, in Utah. The moon was still up in the sky when the girls put on their costumes and climbed on the orange sandstone cliffs behind our campsite... 

This year, it was great to be back with our friends for another edition of our pumpkin hunt!

 :: My favorite knights ::
  :: Laura Ingalls ::
   :: Pippi, of course! ::
  :: Robin Hood ::
:: The organic fruit and veggie box ::

For the pumpkin hunt, he adults hide pumpkins in the wood (a little further each year) and stand by them, asking the kids to solve a riddle, and then hand them handmade treats. This year, the rain stopped just long enough for the pumpkin hunt to happen!
  :: Vampire blood: Nini's homemade kombucha and pomegranate juice ::

For more homemade treat ideas, check the past editions of our pumpkin hunt: 2011, 2010 and 2009 (don't miss Julie's amazing troll mushrooms).


Joanna said...

c'est tellllementttt cool votre concept d'halloween. j'Adore et dès l'an prochain, ca va être ca chez nous aussi, ds la forêt sur notre terrain! on va inviter des amis.
moi qui trippe pas halloween et on l'a jms fêté jusqu'à mtn, ca me donne le gou^t car je trouve le concept que vous faites vraiment magique!
on s'en redonne des news l,an prochain :O)
ps: je comprends que vos filles aiment l'automne et l'hiver avec ttes ces fêtes magiques que vs leurs faites, les costumes etc. c est trop hot! dommage qu'on habite pas assez proche pr faire ca ensemble...

Francesca said...

very nice way of celebrating Halloween, and super creative costumes (I want to be a vegetable box too) and food!