Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Snow changes everything

As I sit at the breakfast table, soaking up the morning sunlight coming through the window, JF notices how different my mood is since there is snow outside. "Of course, I say, the light is so different!" It is so luminous and joyful when there is snow, so... white!

I will take a sunny snowy day over a gray rainy one anytime! Even when we lived in Costa Rica, I noticed how my mood was different when there was a gray rainy day... You would have thought that with all the sun from the previous months, my solar batteries should have been charged, but it seems like they don't keep their charge very long!

The first snow was such a treat to all of us. My Yukon-born girls were so thrilled after 3 years without a real winter!
When we walked outside today along the same path we take many times a week, Mathilde said: "Mama, everything is so different when there is snow! It's like a new place that I want to explore!" It's so true. Everything looks so different, the smell in the air is not the same and we notice new things, as if we were seeing them for the first time...
As the wind bites my cheek and my thighs burn from the cold, I remind myself to relax into winter. My body is one big contraction, my shoulders are up to my ears, my fists are clenched in my pockets. If I am not careful, the cold hardens me and I end up hating it for that, but if I pay attention, dress properly, choose the right time of day to be outside, I can see winter through my girls eyes, I can truly revel in the joy and playfulness of that season.


Joanna said...

c est vrai que c est si beauuuu si pur si magique!
ici aussi tout est blanc au grand bonheur de matteo

Marianne said...

Tellement beau! Tu as bien capté cette belle lumière si bienvenue à ce temps de l'année... Alice ce matin là est venue dans notre chambre en se levant, la main sur la bouche et les yeux grand ouverts, elle a marché vers la fenêtre qui donne sur la forêt et elle a dit "OH! Il y a des miiiiilions de tout petits flocons! Vite on va aller jouer dehors!" Je me souviens quand j'étais petite comme ce moment était magique...

Jane said...

Oh it seems like your photographs just keep getting gorgeouser and gorgeouser!

Yes, I feel the cold can be hardening to me as well. I need layers of wool even indoors. But my girls were so thrilled at the first snowflakes the other morning. It was good to join them in their joy.

Catherine said...

Merci mes amies! Oui, c'est tellement magique à travers leurs yeux!

Jane, thanks for the nice comment on my photos! I truly love photography!
Yes, joining our kids in their joy is the best!

verdemama said...

Beautiful images, beautiful words.