Monday, November 18, 2013

The dancing leaf

There are lots of trees in front of our house. All are bare but one little oak tree with about 15 leaves left on his branches. There is one leaf just a little higher than the others and this little lonely leaf is always moving from left to right, while all the others remain still. 

Mara was the first one to notice it. We all looked at it, trying to understand why it was moving in this way while the other ones didn't budge. Mathilde said: Maybe it's a happier leaf! It can't help but dance all the time!

Mara, soaking up the November sun on a rock during a hike.
It is a pretty funny sight, this little dancing leaf, while everything around it is decaying, dead or sleeping... Every time I catch a glimpse of it through the window, it makes me smile. Every time, it reminds me that I can chose to dance, even if everything around me compels me to sulk.


Joanna said...

WOW! yes be this little leaf! :O)
love the photo of the sun in her hair !

la tribu toulousaine said...

Bonjour, bonjour,
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N'ayant pas trouvé votre adresse mail (cela est certainement volontaire) je vous laisse la mienne:
Voila, merci :)