Monday, February 17, 2014

With them

Except for grandparents, it is quite unusual to have people in your life that love your children in that very special way. We are lucky to have friends who have taken a very unique place in our girls' lives and hearts and it is a real joy to see their relationship blossom through the years.

Wherever we are, they come and visit us and take real pleasure in spending time with our girls. I will always remember when we asked them to be our girls' godparents while we were camping in Alaska when the girls were still babies...

Over the years, I have asked them for their opinion in many instances and have appreciated their outlook on things. Their tangible love for our girls fills me with so much gratitude. We are all so blessed to have them in our life.


Anonymous said...

Allo Catherine
I have not commented on a long seems so full and bursting at the seams where I feel I have no time to comment...that and my computer makes it complicated as it has an attitude :O
Having precious friends like that for your girls is a gift...I am so happy you have that is your life...having special needs boys it is a gift I would cherish...will try to comment more often :)
Nadine in Alberta
We moved to a little far since the last time I commented

Catherine said...

Bonjour Nadine! I am glad to see you here! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you are settling down nicely in your new home!

Joanna said...

c est vrai que c est unique cette connection qu un enfant peut développer avec son parrain - marraine! je le vois pr mon fils aussi. c est beau de les voir grandir et de voir cet adulte significatif qui "trurly cares" about them!
donnez moi des news de vos avancées montréalaises ou autres (mon cottage tjrs pas loué....)
je pense fort à vous ces tps ci!