Sunday, March 30, 2014


It was a day of such simple pleasures: a forest of snowmen, a new game, the very first bottles of biodynamic sparkling red wine from vines we planted a few years ago with our girls and harvested together, my favorite chocolate vegan pie and watching their excitment as they learned to play the Wii.

I like where this life is going. I can't help but expect the best.


Sarah-Our Island Home said...

Happy Birthday Catherine!

Joanna said...

wow ca avait l'air super parfait ton genre cette fête!
oui il faut tjrs EXPECT the best!
souriez et la vie sourira qu'il disait :O)
becssss pr ta fête mon amie

Francesca said...

happy birthday! expect the best, and aim high.

Penny said...

Happy Birthday Catherine! I wish you much, much joy :)