Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adventures frame my life

6 hours straight outside, in nature. 6 hours of sun. 1 summit.

The smooth bark of beech trees and translucent blond leaves shivering in the wind. The long shadows of trees on the cristalline snow, like the ghosts of winter.

9 km of snowshoeing. Lots of breaks. The first pic nic of the year. Hot almond chocolate milk at the top. Very proud smiles. And a long hike back home.

Ahhh! These little adventures, I live for them.


EMMA said...

9km even with breaks - that's quite a trek!!
Great pictures.
Snowing here in the alps, hoping it will stop soon and the sun pay us a visit too!

Catherine said...

Wow! The Alps! That's where I learned to ski properly! And yes, 9 km is a pretty long trek. We were quite proud of our girls!

Marianne said...

Magnifique Catherine, vous êtes belles!

Julie said...

Je viens de parcourir votre blog..quelle jolie aventure, je suis admirative...C'est inspirant..Une bien belle vie pour vos enfants!A très bientôt,

Catherine said...

Merci, Marianne et Julie!

Unknown said...

Hey Cat, I haven't seen your posts in a long time. Are you traveling again or back home? Lovely photos.

Catherine said...

We are back home right now, Jeanine, but we just sold our house and are getting ready to leave again! We are planning to be in your area in the fall!

Joanna said...

a haaah! ta réponse à jeanine veut dire que ca a marché pr la job à M?
je pense que j ai aussi hâte de savoir que toi :O)
magnifiques photos. quel trek! vous êtes HOT!