Wednesday, March 19, 2014


The day in waves. From gratitude to frustration + back.
My head in overdrive.
Pretty images of tulip fields and windmills.
More highlights than most days, despite it all.
Or perhaps, because.
Funny what happens when you drop all expectations.


Joanna said...

how exiting all these new possibilities!!!
yes things happen at the exact point where you have let go of everything !
j ai hâte de savoir ce qui se passera :O)

Francesca said...

most days are like this - just little increments forward, but inch by inch we can still get far.
love the way your blog has taken a turn towards the deeper meaning of the little things.

Catherine said...

Thank you friends. Yes, Francesca, little increments forward.

Penny said...

I keep coming back to the idea of letting go of expectations. Thanks for the nudge :)