Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Adventure planning

Adventure planning is how I frame our lives. I feel naked without those plans, never quite at peace until we schedule the next adventure.

For over a month, we have been parting with stuff, giving most of it to friends and family members. We have stored a few Rubbermaid bins full of memories and precious little things we really wanted to keep in our friends’ attic, but we are getting rid of most of the possessions that cannot travel with us. Many people have wondered how hard it must be to let go of our things and to be honest, it really doesn’t feel that way for me. 

Paring down to the bare minimum actually feels great! Stuff really do weight us down! And it becomes addictive. You want to see what is the next thing you can let go of. What you truly really need. I don't want the bus to be crammed with stuff. I want it to breathe.

When we will want to settle down for a bit after our travelling, there will be furniture to be found on craigslist or furnished house to rent. For now, we won’t need all that much. And it’s a pretty good feeling.

I really do feel at peace.

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Francesca said...

true - what a freeing feeling.