Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So how many hours a day?

The great thing about homeschooling is that you can pack all the learning goodness in 3-4 hours a day! And you don't have to learn anything else for the rest of the day! Of course, I am kidding! You know we don't believe in separating learning from living and even if we now have more formal sit down periods of school-like learning, we are still life learners. The girls love our mornings of learning together. We are usually done by lunch time and we have our afternoons to do lots of fun stuff, usually outdoors when the weather allows it. Have a look!

The other day, we found some fish heads, guts and tails left behind in the shallow water by the dock and jumped on this opportunity to do some dissection to learn fish anatomy. It was super interesting!

 The kids love to create very elaborate plays with their friends. They write a script (they have a narrator), design their costumes and practice sometimes for days before showing it to us.

On cold or rainy days, the girls write, draw, craft, play board games, sew or knit in the comfort of the bus.

 We go mushroom hunting or berry picking when in season.
  We bike, we hike, we rock climb.
And we even teach them some Volkswagen mechanics!


Victoire said...

Comment leur as tu appris pour la machine à coudre? As tu un conseil à me donner ou c'est à l'instinct? J'adore voir les enfants faire des activités manuelles! Bravo les filles pour le tricot!

Catherine said...

Vic, les filles me regardent coudre depuis toujours et dès l'âge de 5 ans, elles cousaient des carrés de tissus (pour faire des sacs cadeaux recyclables, taies d'oreillers, couvertures pour les peluches, etc.). Au début, je guidais le tissu et elles appuyaient sur la pédale seulement, puis tranquillement, elles faisaient seules. Maintenant, elles peuvent coudre des trucs assez élaborés de A à Z, elles-mêmes. Mathilde sait enfiler et tout le reste!

Victoire said...

Tu as raison, c'est mieux dès le plus jeune âge! J'aimerai aussi mettre Marie au tricot mais je ne sais pas moi même en faire! On va donc tenter d'apprendre!