Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Grade 6 - Roman History - Week 4 and 5

All the ressources I am using for this block are listed here, under Roman History. It will be a five week block lesson. Week one is here.

I can't say that I am super happy of the last few weeks of this block. I didn't plan it as well as the first few weeksn since I didn't have all the books on hands when I did the planning. Also, we had a lot going on: eye doctor visits in Vancouver, fun hikes, two birtdays and great rock climbing in Washington. I am OK with that, but if you are thinking of following my planning, you might want to rethink those last few weeks. We were also short of about 4-5 pages in the Main Lesson Book, so you might want to condense the drawing + text on some pages earlier in the block.

During Week 4, we finished reading City and read parts of Augustus Caesar's World.

Day 1 - We read about the interesting love story between Marc Antony and Cleopatra in Augustus Caesar's World book (p.84 to 90) and the last few paragraphs of chapter 37 in Kovacs' book. 

Day 2 - I read about Augustus Caesar in Augustus Caesar's World bookp. 133 à 136, and added more to his story with this article from

Day 3 - I read about Nero from

Day 4 - I read about Marcus Aurelius from

Day 5 - I read about the Roman Gods in Augustus Caesar's World (p.159 à 165) and we draw a map of the Roman Empire.

On week 5, since our MLB was full, we simply snuggled and read the story of Daniel in the great book:

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