Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Her first birthday

Naomie (the girls only cousin - JF sister's daughter) turned 1 and we were excited to celebrate with her. The girls had spent the week preparing gifts and cards for her and counting the days.

When it was time for the cake, she was already so very tired from all the hustle and bustle, all the hugs and smiles. As soon as we finished singing, she bursted into tears and fell asleep exausted in her grand-dads arms. Loved. Filled to the brim.


Marianne said...

Magnifique petite cocotte! ça lui fera des souvenirs mémorables ces photos... J'adore la dernière... Et elle est chanceuse d'avoir des cousines comme tes filles!

Catherine said...

Merci Marianne! Les filles avaient tellement hâte d'avoir un cousin ou une cousine!!

Penny said...

Precious. She looks like your girls! She is very lucky to be surrounded by such love. And she's darn cute too :)

Joanna said...

troooop cutttte... c est très bizarre car sur certaines photos la petite me ressemble bcp qd j'étais petite! ca fait comme si je voyais ma "fille que je n'aurai jms" :O) très spécial.
tes filles sont des cousines en or!

tu me donnes de tes news bientôt? je pense à toi! j'espère que votre nouveau plan de match fonctionne!