Sunday, March 2, 2014


It's been a crazy, crazy week. We haven't had that much work in years (but we sure are not complaining!) and we just put the house for sale! So, we were really looking forward to the Dance Party our friends organized for their son 10th birthday to get out and have some fun.

Evan is a self-taught dancer and he pretty much dances all the time, so this party was HIS night! It was so great! Even the adults ripped it up on the dance floor!

 :: A real dance floor with strobe light, a giant screen and papa and big brother as DJs ::
 :: Delicious and healthy mocktail bar, with professional barmaid Liz ::
 :: Amazing art projected on a giant screen ::
 :: Evan taught the other kids some choreography. Here: Gagnam style! ::
 :: Great games to get the kids that were more shy to get into the groove ::
  :: An a make your own sundae bar with homemade caramel and hot fudge! ::


Joanna said...

WAW génial ce party! et aussi le fait que ca roule à nouveau au niveau job et les autres bonnes nouvelles que j'ai su :O)
la photo à contre jour avec la silhouette du visage est fantastique.

Marianne said...

Génial! : )
Je suis vraiment contente pour vous!
x x