Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You are beautiful

A day at the spa with my mom. Floating. Delicious raw food not prepared by me. Bliss.
And realizing that when my mom looks at me in the pool and tells me: you're beautiful, she feels the exact same way I do when I look at my girls.
And that what she truly means is: I am deeply moved to see the amazing person you have become. And when I look at you, I am reminded of how much I love you.


Fleur de Paix said...

Oh oui, tu es magnifique!!!

Et comme c'est précieux ce regard d'amour des mamans!

Catherine said...

Oui, exactement, Jacinthe. Il n'y a qu'elles qui nous trouvent toujours extraordinaires, même quand nous on a peine à le voir, parfois.

Momzie said...

Merci ma chère fille.
Pour pouvoir lire ce regard, il faut êrre une maman d'amour comme tu es toi aussi.

Francesca said...

what a beautiful post.