Sunday, January 17, 2016

European Geography - Week 1

Once again, I got a lot of the inspiration for this block from this mama's website.

Monday: We looked at a map of Europe I printed and filled it together. Then, we made flashcards for each of the capitals (that we will use every day for the next 3 weeks to memorize them) and draw this cover page.

Tuesday: We filled a map of Europe with the capitals this time, then the girls draw the map of Europe (in French)

Wednesday: The girls draw the map of Europe with the seas, rivers and mountains.

Thursday and Friday: We talked about the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and how different they are. How the North Sea is rough, grey and cold, stormy and unpredictable, and how the Mediterranean sea is warmer, blue-green and mild. We talked about the climate, what grows in those areas and the cultural differences.

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Marie said...

J'adore le dessin de la Tour Eiffel. Très joli!