Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Joy in the simple things

They always find great joy in the simplest things. 
A leaf pile. A forgotten book. An improvised concert.
I wish they will never lose their ability to do so.


verdemama said...

Gorgeous! My we all find joy in the simple things!

Math - o Anão said...

Hello, Catherine!
I've just posted in my blog a microstory and found those gorgeous photos of yours when I googled for "joy simple things". =)
Do you mind if I use the first one? I think it translates marvelously what I wrote. Obviously, I put your blog's link there too.
If you don't want it, please, let me know and I'll remove it.
Thank you very much and congratulations for your beatiful daughters! =)

Catherine said...

Hi thanks for your message! And thank you for asking about using my photos instead of simply taking it from here! Yes, you can use it (with my name: Catherine Forest, and the link to the blog). Thank you!