Monday, November 16, 2015

Grade 6 - Physics - Week 2 (light)

For this block, I took a lot from this mama's planning.We had another 4 day week.

Day 1 - we played with primary colors and ghost colors. When you look at the red circle for 30 sec or so and then look at a white piece of paper, you see a light blue circle appear (for the yellow, you see a light purple one and for the blue, a light orange/yellow one). Quite fascinating!

Day 2 - We talked more about complementary colors more in depth.

 Day 3 - We did an awesome experiment to explain what happens at sunrise and sunset. We filled a fishbowl (well, it was a wine decanter in our case!) and put a white sheet of paper beside it (folded so it stood by itself), then we shone a light through the wine decanter and we could see the silvery light on the white sheet of paper. While the light was still shining, I slowly poured some milk in the water and the light turned yellow, then orange! It is a great visual explanation of how why the sun becomes orange at sunset when it passes through a thicker blanket of atmosphere. It was fascinating!

 Day 4 - We experimented with the classical dispersion of light by a prism. Always beautiful to watch!

We changed our daily schedule quite a bit. I will post about this soon.

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