Friday, November 20, 2015

Towards more automony

As the girls get older - and I choose to take more translation contracts - our goal is for them to be more autonomous in their learning. We designed a schedule together, so I don’t have to remind them to take clean their beds, brush their teeth, walk the dog, etc. every morning and so they can go at their own rhythm. I am not usually ready to start our main lesson before nine, and Aïsha, for instance, doesn’t like to wait for me. This way, she can do a few things on her own in the meantime. We have created a schedule that they can check (it is in a plastic cover and they use a dry-erase marker).

We have been trying different online resources for the past year and I think we finally found something that we all like to complement our Waldorf-based homeschooling. We are currently using Time4learning, Reflex Math, Brain Pop in French (for Mathilde) and some other online French resources. They are also doing a typing program in French. It feels good to see them more in charge of their schedule. We were all ready for that. Ready to move to a “non-mamacentric” way of learning. 

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