Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On a snowy day...

:: Frozen grapes are a favorite snack around here ::
:: Des raisins gelés : une collation favorite chez nous ::

:: Spring-shaped bread (a caterpillar, a butterfly, a snail and a ladybug) ::
:: Petits pains de printemps (une chenille, un papillon, un escargot et une coccinelle) ::

:: A couple of rows ::
:: Quelques rangs ::

:: And a home-made haircut ::
:: Et une coupe de cheveux maison ::

And some raw food recipes, of course!

Here are a couple of our latest favorite. Those crackers are so good! We found out that we do not care much for soaked whole flaxseed based crackers (but the ones with grounded flaxseeds are usually much better).

Just Like Ritz Crackers
Posted by mindi on RFT

2 ½ c. walnuts soaked 1 hr. or more
2 ½ c. cubed zucchini
½ c. ground golden flax seed
¼ c. hemp seed
2 teaspoons sea salt

Grind walnut in FP until they are in very small uniform pieces (cous cous looking) - transfer to bowl

Grind zucchini in FP until they are in very small uniform pieces - add to bowl

Add ground flax, hemp and salt. Blend well. Add enough water to make spreadable dough ( 1/2 to 1 cup)

Spread between 2 trays lined with teflex

Dehydrate - Flip - until crisp

Cut in to chips - flat bread or desired sizes.

I cannot wait to try those crackers (video). They sound totally divine and so easy to make.

In a Vita-mix, blend one red bell pepper, then add 1 cup of Macadamia (they don't say if they soak them or not), salt and cayenne to taste. It seems like this is the ultimate cheese sauce (over zucchini pasta) and the perfect cheese crackers when dehydrated about 24 hours.

J'ai bien hâte d'essayer ces craquelins (vidéo). Ils ont l'air absolument divins et facile à faire.

Dans un Vita-mix, mélanger un poivron rouge, puis ajouter 1 T. de noix de Macadam (ils ne disent pas s'ils les font tremper ou non), du sel et du poivre de cayenne au goût. Il semble qu'il s'agit de la sauce au fromage par excellence (sur des pâtes de courgettes) et des parfaits craquelins au fromage (à déshydrater 24 h).

I also made the famous onion bread. It's pretty good (tastes like onion ring), but I have a hard time with the onion breath...

I made the Not tuna salad for lunch yesterday (rolled in nori sheet) and it was very yummy. I think that the texture is a big deal in raw food. Using a Champion juicer (with a blank plate) made it much more intersting than running it in a food processor. I think that if you are serious about raw food, you truly need a Vita-mix, a Champion juicer (or another brand), a food processor and a good dehydrator.

And last night I made raw falafel with cucumber sauce. The falafel were a bit bland (I would add more garlic and cumin next time or this this recipe), but the cucumber sauce was delicious.

I am planning on trying this No bean hummus soon:

No Bean Hummus
by rawsimonscott at Raw Kids Yahoo Group
  • 3 zucchini (peeled)
  • 1-2 tablespoon tahini
  • juice one small lemon
  • 2-3 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 teapoon salt
  • 1/2 cup of sprouted sesame seeds
  • (optional) spices

Blend in Food Processor for a short time so it's not too liquid.

And I just ordered this amazing raw deserts e-book.

I am also planning to try this bread recipe. And more recipes from the Raw chef.


heather said...

you cook a lot. i want to be like that. trying new things all the time. have you always been that way?

i got a homemade haircut today too. by david. but i was just thinking i might be ready for a styled hair cut! that is so crazy i can't even believe i said it. and i want to learn how to color and shape my eyebrows. and no, i am not having a midlife crisis. i don't know what it is, but it's not that. a spring rebirth??!!

indigomumma said...

thank you so much for all your recipes and raw experiences again catherine. when i was making the flax crackers yesterday (sweet seed) I wondered about that - soaking and not cracking/crushing. I think I once heard that flax has to be cracked for our body to absorb them, otherwise they pass straight through! i was going to email you about that to ask your thoughts, and i totally forgot. off to our sweet seed cracker breakfast with raw nutella and blueberries! :) thankyou

gardenmama said...

thank you for always sharing such nurturing recipes. your home is so full with comfort.

Catherine said...

Yes, Heather, I love to try new things, especially in the kitchen! I hear you about the haircut! After 10 years of doing it myself, i paid for a haircut... and was pretty disapointed. Yes, I feel like that in spring too... I want new clothes (which is pretty unusual for me!).

Yes, I heard the same thing Elke about flax seeds (if you want the omega 3 benefits). However, if you want the purgative effect, you need to keep them whole.

I am glad you like my recipes Gardenmama! And our home is great, but it sure is not always so perfect as it seems on the blog!!