Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's festival season

We went to the awesome festival Mondial des cultures in Drummondville and we had such a great day with our friends! There was a really cool obstacle course in which kids (and papas!) had to climb, crawl, walk through a pool of soap bubbles (after having been sprayed with colored powder!), eat dried caterpillars (if they dared!) and more!

They said they were bored, we delivered!


There was a fascinating dance show by a troop from Mumbai, India. We even got to dance with them after the show. The kids were hypnotised! It was so awesome, because just the night before we had read the beautiful book La fille du Rajah and there was a dance about Ganesh, one of the most worshipped gods in the Hindu religion who has an elephant head.
Then, we went to see a group from Burundi perform with their traditional instruments.
 There was some free bungee trampoline jumping and the kids had a blast!

 There was a First Nations area along the river, a welcome break from the heat and the high energy of the rest of the event... We were enticed to visit by a beautiful crow.
Then, it was circus time (amazing performers from Venezuela and Chile)! We even ran into Grand-maman Claudette (JF's mom!) and Grand-papa Serge!! What a surprise encounter!
My friend Genevieve (who rented our house while we were on the road the whole year) jogged for 15 minutes to get Akim to sleep! She is such an inspiring mamma!
 After dinner, we went to see the dancers from China. They were great!
It was an awesome day and I didn't hear the word bored even once! I think it was a success!


Penny said...

Oh what fun! Canada has the *best* festivals - I've often dreamed about moving to Montreal for summers, just to enjoy all the great stuff that happens. As soon as I win the lottery....

Catherine said...

I agree Penny, we have some great festivals here! Montreal and Quebec city have awesome festivals going on right now!