Saturday, July 20, 2013

More stories and projects...

In the last couple of weeks, we read some great stories and did some projects related to those. Watercolor inspired by the festival we saw and this beautiful book.
Aïsha is more into numbers and likes to practice some math problems on her own. We have been playing a game (from this great book) that they all like a lot.

We made those knitted flowers from this tutorial, after having read this story.

Form drawing is something the girls really like.

More crafts...

The girls really like that Jataka tale (The Wise goat and the wolves) and we made some beeswax goats, as wet as a shadow puppet theater to reenact the story.
Inspired by these lovely blogs, we draw and painted King Arthur's story, that we read in this beautiful book.

And we made a puzzle. A big one with thousands of pieces, like the ones I did with my grandma when I was 10. I know, who has time to make puzzles? I can say that while I was totally engrossed in that activity, with a girl or two coming and going, placing a few pieces here and there, I realized it had been a long time since I did something useless. And it felt pretty awesome in a weird kind of way. Doing something that is a finality in itself. How great.


Sarah-Our Island Home said...

Beautiful and interesting work! Thank you for sharing!

Sarah-Our Island Home said...

I just want to add how much I love the shadow puppet idea! Very beautiful!

Joanna said...

WAWWWW mais c est FANTASTIQUE toutes ces activités, crafts, histoires, j'en baveee!
la vie est pleine de beaux projets chez vous ces tps ci ma parole!
et oui un casse tête, c'est vraiment spécial, on retnre ds une autre dimension!

gencod said...

Wow, t'es en feu! Ma fille aimerait sûrement que tu l'adoptes! Trop de belles activités et des projets tellement beaux! Bravo à vous 4!