Friday, January 16, 2009

Beautiful dailiness

Today is a Friday like all the other Fridays, except that it is very cold outside and that JF is leaving for the weekend. I feel a bit melancholic, I miss my Yukon friends and I just feel the well-know yuckiness of PMSing...

But I simply have to look around to truly feel blessed by the life I have. And that feels very good.

I love having all those little kids cloths around... I remember that deep joy I felt when I started picking up little bonnets around the house, little slippers, receiving blankets and all those baby items that mysteriously found their way under the couch or in a corner somewhere. I just love that feeling of sharing my house with little beings!

I love taking a bath with one of my daughters and stay in there so long that our fingers and toes get all wrinkly...

And I love the complicity of those three girls!

I love when the girls tell me stories they made up, it's fascinating what they can come up with!

I love this little Mathilde, that little pouting face, that little fiery temper. Some days I find it very hard to be her mom. I feel like I don't always know how. She's so different than her sisters. Just this morning, I broke into tears from pure exhaustion after trying to restrain her so many times to hit the cat or the dog or to bug her sisters or to stop bugging Grandma all the time... We'll figure it out together. We have time... and tons of love for each other.

I love that my mom still makes clothes for me at 30! And that she forgot to give it to me for x-mas since she made so many things for us this year! We went pattern shopping yesterday and it was so much fun to sit there with her and go through all the catalogs and look at fabrics together... I am so glad to be back home so I can enjoy some special time with her on a regular basis.

I love the hat patterns from Going Straight (I just finished the Dulcie pattern and I am starting Abalone right now!)

And I love hearing my Grandma snore when I get up to pee at night... (no photos for this one!)


Anonymous said...

oh, so sweet!

the ones that challenge us the most are also those to whom we are very closely bonded, I think.

xo, K

Anonymous said...

savoir goûter à toutes les belles choses de la vie, c'est vrai que c'est ça l'important !

Karine xxx