Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pip squeaks!

Yesterday morning, we woke up to a surprise: Mama duck's eggs had hatched! It was her second brooding (the first one did not give us any ducklings) and we had declared Émilien (the papa duck) sterile since we tought she had been brooding for longer than 35 days.

Hier matin, nous nous sommes réveillés avec une belle surprise : les oeufs de maman canard avaient éclos! C'était sa deuxième couvée (la première n'a pas donnée de canetons) et nous avions déclaré Émilien (le papa canard) stérile étant donné que nous pensions qu'elle couvait depuis plus de 35 jours.

:: They are just the cutest thing ::
:: Ils sont adorables! ::

And just a couple of raw successes:
Et juste quelques succès crus :

Pasta primavera before and after the sauce.

Des pasta primavera avant et après la sauce.

Pasta primavera
From Raw Goddess

Wide zucchini noodles (just used the veg peeler)
fresh garden peas
chopped red pepper
small chopped carrot
baby tomatoes, halved
fresh shredded basil
fresh chopped parsley
lemon zest

Alfredo sauce
Adapted from Rawvolution's recipe

3/4 cup water
1/2 tsp honey
1 clove garlic
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 tsp sea salt
1 1/4 cup cashew, soaked a couple of hours

Blend all ingredients until smooth. This makes A LOT of sauce, so cut the recipe in half if you only want 2 servings.

I found this to have a really fresh flavour, and the noodles seemed to sorta melt into the sauce.

Soft ice cream

3 cups almond milk (date and banana sweetened)
and some frozen:

Blend in the Vita-mix.


Ruth said...

Oh! qu'ils sont mignons, Catherine! quelle joie pour les tout-petits! merci pour les belles recettes!

Jen said...

Oh how adorable! I want one :D How wonderful for your children to see. Such great learning experiences and witnessing the miracle of life! C'est mignon!

Hugs & congrats,

Carine said...

Qu'ils sont charmants !
Qu'est-ce que cet ingrédient ? cashew

Catherine said...

Carine, ce sont des noix de Cajou.

Jen, you are right, living on a farm is such a learning experience in itself... My girls got to be really acquainted with life and death this past year, that's for sure!