Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meet Christophe

Christophe has light in his eyes. Christophe is the son of the daughter of... well, it's complicated! You know how those things go... There was Jean-Mo, my mom's partner for over 10 years (the girls made him a big felted heart for Christmas when we lived at the farm, scroll down, you'll find his picture) and Christophe would have been his grandson. I am not going to write how Jean-Mo would have loved to meet his grandson and how proud he would be to see his daughter become a mom, because we all know that all dads would wish that. Instead, I'll just tell you that I cannot help but think about Jean-Mo when I see the light in Christophe's eyes. When I see my mom hugging him and I see how much she loves this adorable little man. I see family. I see Jean-Mo that keeps on living through the moments we spend together to celebrate life.

 :: Savannah, the giraffe, one of the projects that had to be kept secret when I wrote my last post ::
 :: Mikael always cracks the girls up! They still believe he puts pepper in his cereals! ::


Joanna said...

WAW il a des yeux incroyables ce petit christophe! on diraient qu'ils brilleraient même ds le noir!
il me semble avoir lu ds un cours en anthropo que chez les innuits ils croient que les gens se reéincarnent et qd un bébé nait ils essayent de voir qui c'est en "vrai" et une fois reconnu ils vont l'appeller ainsi... donc peut être que christophe est en fait jean-mo réincarné? :O)

Carine said...

Oui, il est si beau !

Penny said...

First, I'm truly sorry for your loss.

Second, Christophe is adorable :)

Third, my great nephew, the first boy in our family since 1960, was born in May - 9 1/2 months after my Dad died. I totally get how you feel.

Ginette said...

Je suis très émue de voir ce petit Christophe, si magnifique, le petit-fils de Jean-Mo. Je suis heureuse pour votre grande famille que vous sachiez passer des moments précieux et doux ensemble. XX