Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Lucia

Today was Santa Lucia's day and Mara was our Santa Lucia this year. Carrie wrote a great post on her blog about this festival.

Aujourd'hui, c'était la Ste-Lucie et Mara était notre Ste-Lucie cette année. Carrie a écrit un excellent message sur ce festival sur son blogue.

I baked Santa Lucia's buns the night before that we ate together by candlelight this morning.

J'ai fait des brioches de la Ste-Lucie la soirée précédente et nous les avons mangées tous ensemble ce matin à la lueur de la chandelle.

Mara made a beautiful Santa Lucia's drawing.

Mara a fait un beau dessin de Ste-Lucie.

We also made these stained-glass window decorations (tutorial) today. The girls love the process of this craft and the smell of melting beeswax crayons!

Nous avons fait ces vitraux décoratifs (tutoriel) aujourd'hui. Les filles adorent ce processus et l'odeur des crayons de cire d'abeille qui fondent!

We finally put our decorations outside!

Nous avons finalement mis nos décorations dehors!


farmama said...

Your little Mara looks so beautiful as St. Lucia, and your St. Lucia buns look delicious!
What a fun day in your house that's so full of love!
I hope you have a nice Monday Catherine!

June said...

How I love sharing your beautiful traditions...the making of art, the baking of food, the aroma from both. SO beautiful! Thank you, Catherine.

heather said...

i love this story. i am going to learn up on it now cuz of you. and cuz i am looking for all kinds of stories to share with the kids to make this time of your make more sense to them.

your buns look cute. oh, that sounded like i was flirting!!

Catherine said...

Hee! Hee! That made me laugh, Heather!!