Monday, February 23, 2009

The wisdom of Waldorf

The Waldorf philosophy is at the center of my life. I have read tons of books, I moderate and participate in forum discussions and live by its standards everyday. And I see my little girls blossom, and I love being at home.

Here are some great articles if you are interested in learning more:

Early learning by Donna Simmons (Donna's blog is full of great short articles that are very interesting)

The Wisdom of Waldorf by Rahima Baldwin (Rahima's website contains tons of great articles. Scroll down and look under articles and information)

Learning through imitation

Here's an excerpt from a great article by Nancy Jewell Power (Parenting in the preschool years) :

Rudolf Steiner gives us a most heartwarming thought for parents and teachers. It is not, he says, what has been brought to perfection in us that teaches the child but our striving towards higher goals. This strengthens children for life. Our destiny and that of our child are deeply entwined. We belong together. Our children come as teachers to help us realize our higher potentials.


The small child comes into our life like a fresh and capricious breeze. This wonder-filled soul comes in utter trust that we will give it what is good and true. With unconditional love and devotion it seeks to emulate us, absorbing all we bring, spoken and unspoken, deep into its being. We are like gods before it, the sun shining at the center of its universe.

Before the child we are called to stand in our truest humanity. We are asked to be all that we can be. What a responsibility! What a privilege! We can only be moved to humility and to gratitude.

Please know that the time of early childhood is brief. Let the child teach you anew the joy of discovering the wonder an beauty of the world. For you as a parent this is one of the most challenging times of life, and one of the most wonderful. Take time to enjoy the precious moments, to love your little one. The future of humanity depends on such deeds.

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Anonymous said...

Je commence tout juste à m'interesser à la philosophie Waldorf et je ne sais trop par où commencer... je suis maman à la maison de 3 beaux garçons de 1,3 et 5 ans et suis toujours à l'affut d'activités, bricolages et philosophies d'éducation... pourriez-vous m'indiquer quelques bons livres pour commencer?