Thursday, January 28, 2016

European Geography - Week 2

Monday and Tuesday:  We compared the mountain regions of the Swiss Alps to the plains of France. We talked a lot about these 2 countries and how their geography shaped the people and the culture.

Wednesday:  We watched a documentary on Stonehenge and talked about this fascinating place in Great Britain.

Thursday:  We drew a map of the United Kingdom, talked about the four regions and their capitals and about Ireland.

Friday:  We drew the flag of the United Kingdom and I explained the girls that it was the combination of 3 flags from 3 of the 4 regions.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

European Geography - Week 1

Once again, I got a lot of the inspiration for this block from this mama's website.

Monday: We looked at a map of Europe I printed and filled it together. Then, we made flashcards for each of the capitals (that we will use every day for the next 3 weeks to memorize them) and draw this cover page.

Tuesday: We filled a map of Europe with the capitals this time, then the girls draw the map of Europe (in French)

Wednesday: The girls draw the map of Europe with the seas, rivers and mountains.

Thursday and Friday: We talked about the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and how different they are. How the North Sea is rough, grey and cold, stormy and unpredictable, and how the Mediterranean sea is warmer, blue-green and mild. We talked about the climate, what grows in those areas and the cultural differences.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Grade 6 - Physics - Week 3

Monday: We explored body temperature and talked about the different sources of heat. We did the experiment of the water bowls: Take 3 containers big enough to fit a hand. In one, put hot water, in one ice cold water and the last one, tepid water. Stand with one hand in the hot and cold bowls for about a minute, then move the hot hand to the tepid water... how does it feel? Now, try the cold hand in the tepid water. Then, we drew a parralel to outdoor temperature. In the Spring, 15 degree Celcius feels warm after a long winter... but in the fall, it feels pretty chilly! We also tried some of these experiments (the girls loved the steel wool and battery one!) and draw this in our Main Lesson Book (MLB):

Tuesday: We talked about the effects of heat on solids liquid and gases. We melted an ice cube in a saucepan until it became liquid and then gas (and until it had completely evaporated). We talked about the condensation process (the droplets that had formed on the saucepan). We draw this in our MLB:

Wednesday: We talked about the transmission of heat. We talked about radiation (heat from a light bulb, sun in a window), conduction (pan on the stove and the experiment below) and convection (hot water rising to the top in a cold fish tank). We also talked about microwave heat and how it worked. Then we did this experiment: 

Thursday: We did another heat conduction experiment. Here's the complete procedure.

Friday: We explored the effect of hot and cold air with this experiment.