Friday, May 19, 2017

5th Grade Block on Alexander The Great

This block was the perfect transition between our Ancient Egypt block and our Ancient Greece block. My fifth grader loved hearing all the adventures of Alexander. There was a lot of reading in this block, so plan accordingly. I used the Earthschooling material for this block, but any good book tellling the story of Alexander the Great would have worked too. I had used this one (in French) for the twins 2 years ago. Please leave a comment if you have used a book you liked for this block (French or English).

Friday, May 12, 2017

5th Grade Egypt Block - Part 2

This was our second block on Egypt History. Part 1 is here. Mathilde loved hearing the stories of Tahuti, Queen Nefertari, Queen Nefertiti, Ramses II and King Tut. We even tried making papyrus! We also talked about the daily life of the Egyptians, the way they practiced medicine (they knew anatomy much better than any other culture) and the role of the women. In Ancient Egypt women had a very rich life and many rights – some of which women in Europe and America only acquired in the past 50-100 years! There were no formal schools for girls, so mothers educated their daughters in the home. Women did attend professional schools, such as the school of medicine at Heliopolis and the woman's school at Sais, to learn to become doctors.