Saturday, November 12, 2016

7th Grade Oak Meadow and 5th Grade Earthschooling

Hello, hello! It's been way too long since I have been in this space, but I am still committed to share our homeschooling work here with you if it can inspire and help some of you. The twins have started 7th Grade with the Oak Meadow Curriculum and are loving it (so do I, since this curriculum is written for the student). It is a definite step up in terms of work, but they were ready for that. They spend between 3 1/2 to 5 hours a day on their school work. Since Oak Meadow is not a curriculum created by blocks, it will be a bit harder to share their work here. It is divided into 36 weeks, and each week, they have World History, English, Earth Science and Math (we have decided to use Saxon for maths since the math curriculum was a bit weak) assignments. I have added some French lessons on top of that. 

We will also be doing 3 blocks that I put together with the Earthschooling curriculum and other ressources : a 3-week Physiology block, a 3-week Perspective Drawing block and a 2-week black and white drawing block (that I will obviously share here). 

Here is an excerpt of the work they did in the first 5 weeks of the curriculum.

With Mathilde, I am using the 5th Grade Earthschooling curriculum. We are finishing the block on India and are starting the Botany block. I will share each block in a separate post once it is completed. For now, here's an excerpt of her work from the past few weeks.

Also, we have been working with Steiner's Extra-lesson (book written by Audrey E. McAllen) to help Mathilde with a slight reading disability due to crossed dominance among other things. It is a beautiful addition to our homeschooling and we start our lessons 3 times a week with the Extra-lesson movement exercises, form drawing or therapeutic watercolor. I will write a separate post on this once we will have experimented with it more. Here are some pictures of what it looks like.