Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is here!!

We went to see the lambs at a friend's farm.

Nous sommes allés voir les agneaux à la ferme d'un ami.

Look at those Icelandic sheep!

Regardez ces moutons islandais!

And 3 days old goat kids!

Et des chevreaux de 3 jours!

Look at that lama! He sure looks like the sheep boss!

Regardez ce lama! Il a vraiment une tête de chef de la bergerie!

We decorated some eggs with tissue paper (the kind that will color your fingers if you soak it in a little water). You just cover the emptied out eggs with it, let them dry and peel the paper (I'll show you the results tomorrow!).

Nous avons décoré des œufs avec du papier de soie (celui qui tache les doigts quand on le mouille). Vous n'avez qu'à recouvrir les œufs évidés avec du papier de soie humide, à laisser sécher et à peler le papier (je vous montrerai le résultat demain).

We changed our seasonal table to a spring theme...

Nous avons changé notre table des saisons pour un thème printanier...

But it seems like King Winter was not happy to be back in the closet, so he decided to come back to celebrate Spring with us, we had a snow ball fight!

Mais on dirait que le Roi hiver n'était pas content de retourner dans l'armoire et il a décidé de revenir pour célébrer le printemps avec nous, nous avons fait une bataille de balles de neige!

And Mémé finished another bolero today!

Et Mémé a terminé un autre boléro aujourd'hui!


indigomumma said...

Catherine, that all looks wonderful. I would love the link to the bolero pattern you are knitting if possible (if it is an online pattern) - just this morning I was thinking Chilli needed something of this nature as the days cool here.

Catherine said...

Elke, the link to the bolero pattern is in yesterday's post.

cypress said...

Hee hee...I just posted baby goat pictures, too, Catherine :) And we have friends with a flock of Icelandic sheep, too! (With a trusty guard llama and everything) They are such a small breed that the lambs seem like tiny, sweet dolls, no? I'm glad to see you all laughing and enjoying the return of the snow instead of letting it spoil your Spring celebration. Oh and also, we make eggs like yours, but filled with confetti to break over each other's you guys do that? I can just picture your girls chasing Papa with an egg!

Catherine said...

Cypress, that's funny about the baby goat pictures! I just saw them on your blog!
How do you put confetti in your eggs? I am sure my girls would love that!

cypress said...

I guess I will have to blog about confetti eggs! You blow out the egg, rinse it, dry it, make one of the holes big enough so that children can fit confetti inside to fill it. Then you patch over the hole with a bit of tissue paper and continue decorating the shell with bits of tissue (like your eggs). You can't put too many layers of tissue on the outside or it will make the egg so strong that its too hard to break. You make a good supply of these and enjoy them until Easter (or April Fool's Day) then you try to sneak up on unsuspecting loved ones and crack an egg on their head to shower them with confetti. Good fun!

gardenmama said...

always such beauty and fun in this space! it looks like a lovely day : )

Julie T. said...

Catherine! Où achètes-tu ton papier de soie qui tache??? J'en cherche depuis plus d'un an!

Catherine said...

Chez Mandragore à Waterville.

Julie T. said...

Ah!!!! J'aurais dû y penser! Merci!