Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Right now

 Right now, I am:

 :: Thankful for grandmas who show little girls how to sew skirts all by themselves and make them feel super proud ::
 :: Very touched that Mathilde is learning to crochet with her great grandma ::

:: Still moved by the powerful words of Eckart Tolle (A New Earth), read by a friend before a meditation session together ::
:: Getting ready for Hélène and my dad's wedding in August (the girls are counting the days!) ::

 :: Delighted that my daughters could read the storybooks I created as a child and that my dad carefully collected in an old suitcase  ::

Right now, I am very appreciative of the words of love I received after my last post from people close and far. 

Right now, I am thinking of Nini and her boys that are in Costa Rica, 5 minutes from where we lived last year (a total fluke, they had no idea!). I imagine them on Playa Ventanas, at our favorite waterfall and at the Feria de Uvita. I also think about the emptiness she is feeling from the husband she is grieving and it makes my heart ache.

Right now, I am so incredibly grateful to share my life with such a wonderful and loving man.

Right now, the rain is falling on our tin roof. 

It's one o'clock, but I feel like writing.


cath said...

Just discovered your blog.

Same name, 3 daughters (+one baby boy) , bilingual (french-english), just back from a long family trip, still adjusting to being back to unschooling...so many similarities...

Francesca said...

i totally love how you ended this post - it shows it came impromptu from the heart, and that there and then you wanted to share it with us.
hope things are smoother.