Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The seasons

Fall is here, with its crisp air, rain and golden light. The leaves in the maple trees in front of our house are turning red already. I used to love fall and I think I still do, but I am cold. So very cold. My body is not used to it anymore and my mood either. Getting up in the morning for some yoga is an exercice of will, so very different than getting up (much earlier!) in Costa Rica, feeling fresh and alive to do the same thing... I realize even more how much the sun affects me, how it charges me and makes me happy... On a gray day, I only want to curl up on the couch and read, feeling the inertia of nature slowly going to sleep.

However, as a real northerner, I truly love the 4 seasons, their peculiar smell, the giddiness of spotting the first snowflakes or the first buds in the Spring... the seasonal food and maple sugaring in March... it is such a big part of me, of my internal calendar, I am not sure I could live without the seasons for many years... or maybe I could. Following fall for 4 months from the Yukon to Arizona last year was such a treat! I would do it again in a heartbeat! It was the perfect weather to hike and we were catching the harvest season in all the farmers' markets! And it was even better knowing that we could enjoy fall without a winter afterwards!

But for now, it feels pretty good to be celebrating fall with all its little rituals with my girls. Drying apples, making peach sauce, hiking in the fallen leaves trails I have known since I was their age... And drinking every bit of sunshine while we are at it.


MamaLisa said...

Salut Catherine,
I love reading you. Merci de partager tes états d'âme. Moi aussi j'adore la ronde des saisons. Je suis bien contente de t'avoir rencontrée chez Gen l'autre jour. Au plaisir de se revoir,
Lisa Fatimah

Catherine said...

Lisa, ce fut très agréable de te rencontrer! Merci de ton commentaire et au plaisir!