Thursday, October 3, 2013


Sitting in that room full of women, wipping tears quickly as the films credits  appear on the screen, I looked at my dear friend siting beside me and we silently acknowledged the blessing of our first-world problems. Girl Rising is a documentary that tells the stories of girls from around the world and how the power of education can change the world, of how one girl with courage can be a revolution. 

We left talking about our daughters and how lucky they are to be born here... and how they have no idea of what other girls their age are going through in other parts of the world. 

We had hiked in beautiful Gatineau Park earlier that day, discussing our latest challenges, the redundancy of the themes in our lives, a longing for more, for something to be different. It seemed like such a luxury now. 

Once again, I am reminded that wherever we are, if we are safe, fed, clothed, sheltered and loved, we are home.


Andréann said...

Ah! Que de sagesse!

Joanna said...

WAWWWW cath, la première photo est si belle et il me semble qu elle fit si bien avec le thème du film... je sais pas pourquoi... peut être la lumière au bout? peut être le "rouge-rose"?

j'ai vu le traileur et waw ca à l'air assez puissant comme film! tu l'as en DVD? j'aimerais ca le voir.
la féministe en moi resurgit qd je vois ca.

heureuse de savoir que tu as pu passer du "me myself and i" time et du tps avec des amies chères. c est précieux!

becs g hâte !