Sunday, May 18, 2014

On grace and patience: watch the unfurling ferns

We're in final countdown mode. 
I am blissfully unaware of how I will get everything done. 
The bird watching, turtle spoting, cedar sap smelling was just what I needed. The unfurling ferns reminded me that patience and grace are the best allies.
We get to live our dream. 
I can't count how many times I said that to myself today.

 And yes, we found the perfect bus! We are thrilled! 
More photos soon.


Joanna said...

o yeahhhhhh

Francesca said...

is that The Bus? it looks great! (though, the european practical in me wouldn't want to try to park it! :))

Catherine said...

Yes, Francesca, it's da bus! JF is so good at parking big rigs! I'll stick to parking the Westy! And don't forget that the parking lots are much bigger here than in Europe. I would not want to drive that bus in Italy!

Anonymous said...

Ta vie est un rêve!
Tu es si inspirante et tu as tellement de chance!

De la part d'une lectrice fidèle

Catherine said...