Monday, December 19, 2011

Noël au Costa Rica

Yesterday, we went to a Christmas celebration in a nearby town. It felt pretty good to do something social (even if we did not speak to anybody really...).

Hier, nous sommes allés à une célébration de Noël dans un village voisin. C'était agréable de faire quelque chose de social (même si nous n'avons pas vraiment parlé à personne...).

There was a beautiful Nativity play. The girls were so excited!

Il y avait une belle pièce de théâtre de la nativité. Les filles étaient tellement contentes!

:: La posada: the inn/l'auberge ::

:: No hay espacio: there is no room/Il n'y a pas de place ::

The three Kings were beautiful!

Les trois rois étaient superbes!

:: A great choir sang Christmal carols in Spanish/Une magnifique chorale a chanté des chants de Noël en espagnol ::

:: Tired, but very concentrated audience/Un public fatigué, mais très concentré ::

We got to eat tamales, a typical Christmas meal in Costa Rica, cooked in banana leaves.

Nous avons eu l'occasion de manger des tamales, un repas de Noël typique au Costa Rica, cuit dans des feuilles de bananier.

And at home...
Et à la maison...

:: We made candy-cane playdough/Nous avons fait de la pâte à modeler canne de bonbons ::

:: Made some window stars (a model Mara made up)... but we can't hang them or give them since most houses don't have proper windows/Nous avons fait quelques étoiles (un modèle inventé par Mara)... mais nous ne pouvons pas les accrocher ou les donner car la plupart des maisons n'ont pas de fenêtres qui conviennent ::

:: And we found some glittery pipecleaners at the farmer's market last week so we made some ornaments/Et nous avons trouvé des cure-pipes brillants au marché la semaine passée et nous avons fait quelques décorations ::

:: Mathilde made a Christmas palm tree/Mathilde a fait un palmier de Noël ::

:: Yes, there is a market for Christmas tree in Costa Rica!/Oui, il y a un marché pour les sapins de Noël au Costa Rica! ::

We even saw Santa in the streets of San Isidro! Poor guy, we were sweating big time in our shorts and t-shirts!

On a même vu le Père Noël dans les rues de San Isidro! Pauvre gars, on suait à grosses gouttes dans nos shorts et t-shirts!


Anonymous said...

Les moisissures avaient quelque chose de fort déprimant (bon déménagement!), mais les mignonneries de Noël nous font tout oublier! Merveilleux! Je suis devenue une lectrice assidue de ce blog inspirant.

Stacey said...

Wow Catherine, you've been quite busy, I'd love to get your recipe for the playdough to make the same candy canes with my 2. I have been pretty unsuccessful with it in the past but yours turned out just perfect! Kudos on the ornaments, too, you have very creative girls! I look forward to meeting them/you all, & eventually introducing our whole family (maybe March!) Those tamales looked yummy! Thanks for fantastic pictures, you have a knack for certain.

Stacey said...

Catherine what a great experience! I would have loved to have been along for that one, the pictures look so magical. (and I love tamales!)
I hope you will be willing to share your playdough recipe (or store bought?) I have had not so good experiences in the past making my own and yours looks just right - I know my kids would love doing that craft too!
I am getting so eager to visit in Feb!! Almost can't wait!
Beautiful photos, as always, thanks for sharing!!

Catherine said...

Stacey, just click on the link I put when I mention candy-cane playdough! Can't wait to meet you too... Our social life is very quiet!

Stephanie said...

What a cultural lifetime experience! I love it! Great creations the girls made, the window transparency is impressive.
Big hugs from Canada!

Stacey said...

Aah...of course, silly me, a link!
Regarding social life, I've just caught up on your blogs & was so excited with some of the info, probably almost as excited as you were (esp. in post about raw food family & info they shared,etc) Lovely! Now I really must get down to business to par down our belongings (significantly)!