Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Playa ventanas

Today, we went to one of our favorite beach so far, called playa ventanas (ventanas meaning windows, there are windows in the rock where the sea comes in. It is beautiful and the sound of the waves crashing in there is pretty powerful).

Aujourd'hui, nous sommes allées à l'une de nos plages préférées jusqu'à maintenant, qui s'appelle playa ventanas (ventanas signifie fenêtres, il y a des fenêtres dans les rochers où entre la mer. C'est magnifique et le le son des vagues qui cassent sur la paroi intérieure est vraiment puissant).

:: We can find the most beautiful shells there too, "real shells" as the girls say. I already told you how much I love looking for shells on the beach/On y trouve aussi de magnifiques coquillages, des « vrais coquillages » comme disent les filles. Je vous ai déjà dit combien j'aimais chercher des coquillages à la mer ::

:: The girls played with the hermit crabs for hours on the beach, they are everywhere!/Les filles ont passé des heures à jouer avec les Bernard l’Hermite, il y en a partout! ::

:: At low tide, there are many caves to explore/À marée basse, il y a plusieurs grottes à explorer ::

:: Free snack on the beach/Collation gratuite sur la plage ::

With all the rain, the road that led to the beach has fallen down and we now have to park on a Tico farm and walk from there. It is a beautiful walk.


Then, on our way back, we stopped in Dominical to watch the sunset. The beach was crowded with surfers and young people. Dominical has that hippie vibe that is very different from the other beaches in the area.

Puis, sur le chemin du retour, nous sommes arrêtés à Dominical pour regarder le coucher de soleil. La plage était pleine de surfeurs et de jeunes gens. Dominical a vraiment une énergie hippie, bien différente des autres plages de la région.


muriel said...

Fantastique !!!!!! on dirait des cartes postales tes photos , pleins de bisous .....

Stacey said...

My goodness its beautiful.

Stacey said...

Maybe I've already asked you (but I can't track down where!)but what camera or application (or combo) are you using??
These pictures are just incredible.
I guess I'm saying that a lot, but its so true!
My children & I sit mesmerized, clicking through from one to the next (especially lovely since I've found how to see them on slideshow). Las Ventanas is so beautiful!

Stacey said...

(And so are all of you in your colorful sarongs!)

Catherine said...

Merci Muriel!

Stacey, thanks for the great comments on my photos! I love to take photos! It really is a passion I have had for a long time! In college, I would spend hours in the dark room working on my black and white pics! I use a Nikon F90 with different lenses (a 50mm 1:1.4, a wide-angle 15-18 mm, a zoom 100mm-300mm and the lens that comes with the camera an 18-105 mm). I also work on my photos in Lightroom using presets. It is a lot of fun! I can show you when we will meet. A good way to go is to buy the F90 with an 18-200mm instead of the 18-105, so you have a more versatile lens.

Joanna said...

i agree, i have bought a nikon F90 18-200 and i am in LOOOOVE with it! it's so niece to not have to take two or three lenses and be able to do everything with just one lense. plus you have the HD video feature!!! great!!!

Bisous cat et merci pr les belles photos! Espero que podremos ir playa ventanas juntos!

Catherine said...

Seguro que iremos a playa ventanas juntos!

C'est de toi l'idée de la 18-200mm!

Luna rossa said...


C'est dingue en effet ce que cet endroit semble envoyer comme vibrations .... Par les photos, j'ai l'impression de sentir les éléments(Terre, mer, végétaux, roches ...) être en éruption, exploser d'une énergie presque poignante.
C'est impressionnant ...

Catherine said...

Luna rossa, c'est exactement ça!