Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Pirates and Treasures Museum and more of St. Augustine

Given the girls' interest in everything pirates and treasures, we were delighted to find out there was a great museum bearing exactly that name in St. Augustine with raving reviews. There even was a treasure hunt in the museum!

You can see more of the museum here. The treasure collection contains some of the most amazing pirate artifacts in the world!

The interactive books and walls were such a great addition. There were interactive touch screen panels in beautiful frames in many places, filled with visuals and historic facts about real life pirates. Similarly, the interactive wall had a large map of all the original pirate settlements ready for you to select any one of them. When you touched a settlement, for example, Havana, Cuba, a life-sized video of the museum's owner, Pat Croce, popped up and explained in fascinating detail the significance of each settlement at its time.
 Firing the canon!

When we left the museum, the girls went for ice cream with Val and JF, and JF and I went for iced decaf coffees and off to explore St. Augustine quickly. We liked what we saw, even if some of it felt a bit fake to us... A bit of a mix of Quebec City and Skagway, Alaska. We'd love to see more!

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