Thursday, August 8, 2013

At the lake and by the fire

Homemade waffles cooked late the night before while chatting with friends that truly care about what you are going through.Two nights in the Westfalia by the barn, with the rooster singing all night. Swimming alone in an untouched lake. Ludo fishing, in trance. Watermelon dripping on naked bodies. Watching the light fairies dance on the creek. Big smiles on two kids face when they came back to surprise us with a 2 liter container of black currant to make jam by themselves. Potatoes on the fire cooked to perfection, just before the rainstorm started. The clearest skies we had seen since Utah. A disapointing news. Ideas that start to flourish and slowly take shape. Life.


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Joanna said...

j'aime ces "captures de moments" et la façon "télégraphique" de les décrire.
bon courage pr trouver des issues intéressante à cette "dissapointing news".
je pense à vous,