Sunday, August 11, 2013

Two nights in New Hampshire

Swimming in cold bassins of river water and immersing ourselves in nature. Cold camping morning. Puffy eyes. The smell of woodsmoke in their hair. The Westfalia smell, the exact same smell it had in '87, when my dad and I drove away from the dealer's parking lot. When everybody was asleep at night and I toss and turn, a bit cramped on the lower bunk beside JF, that smell fills me with joy. I am sure I fell asleep smiling.


Joanna said...

waw ca à l'air super beau comme place! si ca vous tente de venir faire un tour à val david, vous êtes bienvenus :O)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! Where in NH were you? W camp and love to visit NH too.

Catherine said...

We were near Woodstock, in the White Mountain National Forest!

Francesca said...

glad you had a chance to recharge camping in nature!