Thursday, September 12, 2013

At home

:: Mathilde and I made some felted matryoshka ::
:: We made some clay magnets with leaves imprints ::

:: A little bit of fall gardening ::
 :: Everybody wanted to try Mara's violin ::
 :: I see lots of improvised concerts in the near future! ::
 :: We made an Iroquois long house ::

We also made a wigwam and a whole clan of native Americans out of clay and playdough. The girls worked at it for over two hours! Mathilde and Aisha made a woman cooking the fishes and soup over the fire.
I love that Aisha made some lacrosse players (did you know that the native americans, actually the Iroquois, invented that sport? I sure didn't know! I love learning new things alongside my girls!).

 We went to a Native American celebration and the girls got to make a dream catcher, taste bannock and hear traditional singing.

 :: We received a beautiful package from our penpal in Tasmania : handspun wool, and homemade wooden memory game, a beautiful picture book of the amazing corner of the world and a felt pouch full of great activity ideas. She even included a felt platypus pattern! The girls were over the moon! ::


ahoy.jenni said...

What a beautiful blog..I found you from the wilder coast. I'll be back!

Catherine said...

Hi Jenni! Nice to have you here!

Joanna said...

mon dieu mais vous êtes en FEU!!! que de beaux projets, WAW!
vs venez quand?
g hâte :O)

Carine said...

Que de richesses !

Penny said...

So good. So, so good. :)

A felt platypus pattern? My girls would be over the moon too - what an awesome gift to get in the mail!

Stephanie said...

J'adore les bricos, je vais faire les aimants avec mes gars. Les petites poupees sont si belle, et je suis emerveillee par le paysage amerindiens ... bravos les filles qu'elle beau travail! xxx

Francesca said...

it's all beautiful, and it looks like you've transitioned and settled in. Hope that's how you feel too! said...

Everything is so nice here!
Thank you for this great blog. I quote it as a favourite.

Catherine said...

Thank you all for your nice words! Yes, Francesca, we have settled in (you are very perceptive) and it is feeling good!

Potato said...

Such beautiful projects you and your girls get up to! And there are fiddle lessons starting in this house too!

Indigomumma said...

Glad the package arrived safe and sound and that The Fairies enjoyed it. I really enjoyed to see the clay village that you have made and I love to see the instruments you have chosen to play. I'm looking forward to the grades to make clay villages just as you have here and I'm very much looking forward to grade 3 when I can learn the violin. Love from Chilli xxxx

Anonymous said...

Quelle belle expérience !