Monday, December 2, 2013


It's cold and damp and gray lately. The perfect weather to stay inside. We looked at snowflakes under the magnifying glass, made some snow ice cream (it's really good! About 6 cups of fresh snow, 1/4 a cup of heavy cream, 4 tbsp of maple syrup and some vanilla extract, mash with potato masher and you've got some pretty good vanilla soft serve!), did some sewing for the dolls, baked a very tasty galette of winter greens, played many rounds of Skip-Bo and Five Crowns, played some music and stayed outside just long enough to enjoy a warm apple cider afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Magnifiques photos!!! Ça goûte bon l'hiver chez vous!!! :) Julie

Marianne said...

Vraiment magnifique ces photos!! Ton talent m'impressionne à chaque fois! : )

ahoy.jenni said...

Can you adopt me and give me a second childhood? I read your posts with relish, what a wonderful childhood you are giving your daughters! Blessings and thank you for sharing.

Catherine said...

Merci les filles!

Jenni, hahaha! I am glad to be able to offer them that. It is a gift for me too!

Joanna said...

wow je vais essayer ca la recette de crème à la neige!!! je t en donne des nouvelles.
j aime bcp la photo de la neige sur le sapin.