Friday, December 20, 2013

By the Christmas tree

It was a long time since we had worked passed midnight side by side on different documents. I think it was last year in our trailer, somewhere in Texas, maybe, typing with only one hand while we warmed the other under our thighs (who knew we would find snow in New Mexico!)...

Everything was so quiet inside and out, a veiled since, like the one that fills the air only when snow is falling. As I painfully walked down the stairs (Oh! The first cross-country ski outing of the season... after more than 3 years without skiing...) to get a glass of water, our beautiful Christmas tree was calling me to sit by it and revel in the magical moment. I asked JF if he felt like taking a break and sit with me. We didn't have any big conversation, we were there, together, content. There had been some sewing that day, some last minute shopping, a circus class, some caroling, and a fair bit of bickering and tears, but at one o'clock by the Christmas tree, all I could feel was gratitude and love. Lots of love for that sweet family of mine. And a bit of excitement for the weeks to come!